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Our Providers

Fun, Creativity & Treatments

All services are provided in the home and community as well as in our state-of-the-art treatment facility.

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Physical Therapists

Our Physical Therapists are trained to work with children with a variety of developmental and physical challenges.  They utilize play and fun motivational strategies to encourage appropriate movement patterns.  They can assist families in securing equipment if necessary.

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Occupational Therapists

Our Occupational Therapists are trained to help with a variety of fine motor and sensory needs.  They utilize a variety of modalities to help families integrate successful strategies naturally into their schedules to enhance their child’s development.

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Special Educators

Our Special Education Teachers are specially certified to support children from birth.  They work collaboratively with families and caregivers to enhance a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

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Speech Therapists

Our Speech Therapists work with children who have a wide variety of speech, language, and feeding challenges.  They are able to help children and caregivers with training for assistive communication devices when appropriate.

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